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Grand Strand Guild Challenges

Children's Panel Challenge



Challenge: A child’s quilt made from a panel

Due date: March 18, 2021 if you are not going to quilt your own top

                   April 22, 2021 for quilted tops


Our first 2021 challenge is to make a child’s quilt using a panel of your choice. GSQ has a large box of panels appropriate for children’s quilts. Choose a panel of your choice and then add your name and panel description of the list of panels. You may also use your own panel.


On April 22 we will display the quilts and vote for the best. There will be three awards: first prize - $30.00 gift certificate, second prize - $20.00 gift certificate, and third prize - $10.00 gift certificate. Good luck.!


Boys quilts: Do not use florals and ginghams in boys quilts.


Rules for quilt tops that are not quilted, due March 19:

  • Appropriate sizes are

Young Child -  48” x 48” no larger than 48” x 60
Older child – 55” x 72 max.
Note that we cut our batting from 120 inch rolls of batting, getting batting for two quilts from each length. This is why we need quilts to be 55 inches wide or less.


  • All quilt tops must have borders. Please measure your borders before applying them to the quilt so that quilts are flat.

  • You must provide a back for your top.
    Quilt backs must be 8 inches wider than your quilt and 8 inches longer than your quilt.
    Quilt backs may be pieced. If you piece your back be sure to use ½ inch seams and press your seams open. This helps the back lay flat and reduces bulk.


  • You must provide binding for your quilt. You may be asked to bind your own quilt once it is quilted.
    Find the perimeter of your quilt by adding the lengths of all four sides and then add 10 inches to this length. This is the length of binding you will need to provide.


Guidelines for quilts that are completed by the quilter, due April 22:

  • Appropriate sizes are
    Young Child -  48” x 48” no larger than 48” x 60”
    Older child – up 55” x 72”or even 60” x 80” if you provide the batting


  • You can request batting for your quilt top that is less than 55 inches wide.


You may use fabric from the closet for any part of your quilt. Check out the quilts from our 2020 challenge for design ideas at

Print this information HERE

Panel Challenge Quilts from 2021

First place Paula Batson; Second Place Mary Harrigan; Third place Joyce Daly

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