2020 Mystery Quilt

Approximate size: 70" x 84"

Join Brenda Call as she helps us create a 70" by 84" mystery quilt.


In January, Brenda presented the fabric requirements for the quilt. Each month, generally on the third Thursday, Brenda will add a new clue to guide us in creating our quilt. Our final clue will be given in September and on October 22 we will have our quilt reveal. 

Fabric Requirements:

Main quilt body

  • 1 yard light fabric

  • 2 ½ (2.25) yards medium to large scale bold print with medium background

  • 1 yard dark fabric – this could be a solid

  • 1 ½ (1.5) yards of medium contrast fabric – pick a color from your bold print




  • Border #1: 2/3 yards of light fabric. (If you are using the same fabric as the light fabric in your quilt you will need a total of 1 2/3 yards total light.

  • Border #2: 1 1/3 yards large scale bold print. (If you are using the same bold fabric as above you will need a total of 3 2/3 yards total.


Binding: 2/3 yards

Following are two sample pallets for this quilt.