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Block of the Month 2018

Welcome to Grand Strand Quilters 2018 Block of the Month page. Our Block of the Month program is being organized by Joanne Shropshire. At the first meeting of the month, Joanne will introduce a new block. She will demo the construction of the block at the meeting, and then instructions will be posted on our website. By year’s end, we will have twelve 12 ½ inch blocks. Joanne will then discuss methods of putting these blocks into a quilt. Choose your own color pattern for your quilt.


Joanne estimates that if you use two fabrics to construct all of your blocks, 2 ½ yards of each fabric should be enough for all the blocks. You will also need about 2 yards for a border.


Each month you are invited to create a block for a block lottery to be held on the first meeting of the following month. All blocks that are entered will be grouped and these groups will be awarded to participants chosen at random. So that lottery blocks each month have a common theme, Joanne has chosen colors to be used each month for the lottery. For example, all blocks created for the January month lottery should be done in blues and whites. Here is the color list:

  • January: Blues and white

  • February: Red and white

  • March: Green and white

  • April: Purples and Yellow

  • May: Pink and white

  • June: Beach blue and tan

  • July: Red, white, and blue

  • August: Any Jewel tone and black

  • September: Scrappy and tan

  • October: Black, orange, and purple

  • November: Rust, golds, and tan

  • December: Green, tan and cream

When you submit a block to the block lottery, please use a safety pin and pin your name to the block.

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